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CIMI works to help migrants and to develop the field of migration in Israel, while complying with humanitarian principles, making knowledge-based developments and creating partnerships.

The Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI)

CIMI Is an independent, registered NPO Which established in 1998 by JDC Israel. Our purpose is to assist in the development of the field of migration in Israel. We strive to apply international standards in addressing a wide range of areas of migration relevant to the Israeli state and society. CIMI is engaged in the development of systemic and individual responses while protecting the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers and maintaining international obligations.

Implementation of Bilateral Agreements

CIMI assists the Government of Israel in the implementation of bilateral agreements in agriculture, construction and nursing. The agreements create a legal and normative framework for recruiting labor immgrants in Israel. The government's decision to recruit labor migrants through bilateral agreements remains unchanged, despite a stubborn struggle of various interest groups against the agreements.

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