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After School Programs for Children & Teens

CIMI operates a unique after school program for asylum seekers in Eilat for children and youth from the community. This program has40 children who arrive after school and receive, among other things, hot meals and assistance with homework. More importantly, the place serves as a "second home" for the children, a place where they can share their experiences and difficulties from daily life, receive help and support on various issues and open up to new activities. A children and youth coordinator runs the program with the help of youth movements, pre-IDF programs and volunteers, who help with the renovation and arrangement of the building, strengthening studies, sports activities and more.


The program includes enriching activities: weekly basketball, judo and ninja sports classes are taught by professional coaches. These activities reinforce values such as teamwork, mutual respect and responsibility, and even succeed in bringing about cooperation with Israeli children who join the activities. In addition, there are meetings between the children and youth and the local police in order to get to know each other and lower barriers. During the COVID-19 crisis and especially during lockdowns, the staff made sure to maintain continuous contact with the children and personal meetings, even via zoom. In cooperation with the municipality, a laptop was given to each child and our team  assisted with helping with technical difficulties in setting up  the computers in the children’s homes. When allowed , the activities moved to parks and open spaces, for  social gatherings and picnics.

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