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Activity Centers

CIMI assists and strengthens the community of asylum seekers and operates in localities outside of Tel Aviv. First, the CIMI team maintains contacts throughout the country with municipal units, volunteer organizations and representatives of asylum seekers. All this is in order to strengthen the capabilities of service providers and develop solutions for the community. We help by sharing information and data, we offer professional assistance and increase connections with other organizations. We also have activity/help centers in the following cities:


Eilat: For several years now, the CIMI team has been leading the way to assist asylum seekers in the city. The team is in close contact with the community, working in full cooperation with the municipality, schools, community centers, youth movements, students, volunteers and donors. 


The cooperation with the Municipality of Eilat makes it possible to use the existing options for asylum seekers in matters of employment, education and health(?). During the COVID-19 Crisis, the CIMI team, together with the municipality, organized food baskets for those in need or quarantined., the team helped ensure that computers were given to each child from the after school program so they could continue to study while at home, they coordinated COVID-19 tests and organized vaccinations  for the community.


CIMI  serves as the main address for asylum seekers as we

  1. assist individuals in exercising rights and access to municipal services.

  2. runeducationaland sport activities

  3. run social welfare programs for youthsand families led by social work students

  4. Hebrew classes,

  5. workshops to help understand child development, good diet, good dental practices;,

  6. workshops between asylum seeker teenagers and the police  


The leading project in Eilat is the wonderful after school program for children! Over 50 children enjoy a safe and fun place that includes a hot meal, homework help, social activities and weekly sports classes.


Bnei Brak and Petah Tikva: We are working to create solutions for the community of asylum seekers in local authorities around Tel Aviv. The main activity in central Israel takes place with the community in Bnei Brak. CIMI leads a local committee that includes the professional staff, volunteers, community representatives and local parties- all of that, in order to understand needs and promote solutions. 


There is a weekly public reception and infrastructure for additional activities, for children and adults, on education, sports and financial management. We work closely with the community center and the elementary school and connect various organizations with these activities.


In Petah Tikva, we develop solutions for asylum seekers with the help of connections between local organizations, community representatives, and volunteers. In Petah Tikva, we also run the pilot program "Volunteers to Accompany Asylum Seekers" which gives help, support, personal advice and professional help from volunteers.


Coming soon. New centers in the south.

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