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Orientation for migrant workers

In the second half of 2020, CIMI, in coordination with professionals at the Population and Immigration Authority, began developing orientation programs for workers who are brought to Israel in the framework of bilateral agreements in the fields of construction, agriculture and caregiving (in homes and institutions).


The contents are developed and adapted according to the specific nature of each field, the workers’ countries of origin, and their language and/or the dominant common language, and are delivered via online meetings accessible via Zoom and YouTube.


The contents include: background to the history of the State of Israel, familiarity with the country and its borders, introduction to the culture and the social and religious fabric, medical insurance and work accidents, understanding of workers’ rights and obligations, coping with the difficulties of migration, basic Hebrew lessons, etc.


 CIMI and the Population and Immigration Authority attach great importance to making the material accessible to the migrants after they arrive in the country through the orientation program, which is provided in a concentrated, detailed and accessible format and provides them with the basic tools to help them and ease the time they spend in Israel, while protecting their rights and ensuring they understand their obligations.

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