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Workshops for Employers

In collaboration with Social Security (the MANOF fund) CIMI runs workshops for employers of migrant workers.This project gives information to agricultural employers on worker safety and cultural differences so there can be more understanding between both parties. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of safety and hygiene, and to enable efficient and safe work for agricultural workers from Thailand and their employers across the country.. In addition, agricultural employers undergo a workshop on cultural competence, which provides them with cultural knowledge, special practices and useful tools that allow them to better communicate with workers and bridge cultural gaps.  The workshop on cultural competence was delivered by Ms. Tamar Priel, who bridged the cultural gaps through the development of healthy communication skills between employers and employees. The issue of safety was discussed by Jehoshaphat (Yosh) Am Shalem who encouraged open discussions and emphasized the employers' responsibility for the safety and security of the workers.

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