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Asylum seekers

CIMI maintains that while asylum seekers reside in Israel, Israel has certain obligations towards them. CIMI acts in several ways to assist Israel in meeting these obligations and to enhance protection mechanisms for the asylum seeker community. All of CIMI's work is based on adherence to international standards, carried out in cooperation with government, civil society, and international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization of Migration (IOM).

Key Objectives: Exercising rights and humanitarian aid, making municipal services accessible, developing unique solutions, empowering the community.


Methods of action: Local - connection with the local authority (welfare, education, health), partnerships with community entities (schools, community centers, youth movements), dialog with leaders of the asylum seekers community, recruitment and accompaniment of volunteers. National - research and evaluation, collaborations with civil society organizations, pitching in government ministries, projects and collaborations with international organizations and philanthropy.

Key topics for 2021: Exercising rights, reducing educational gaps for children and youth, after school activities such as sport, , lessons in Hebrew  and financial literacy for adults, promotion of employment solutions, expanding the centers of activity and developing local steering committees, building capabilities for local authorities, empowerment and fostering community leadership, advocacy and connection with the local community, training and mentoring volunteers.

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