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CIMI's quarterly meeting.

Presentations about youth advancement and the fight against human trafficking at our quarterly meeting.

At our quarterly meeting of volunteers and staff, we hosted two of CIMI’s most important partners: Adv. Dina Dominitz, National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator in the Social Rights Division of the Ministry of Justice, presented the world and local perspective on the subject, and Ori Shaham, CEO of The Equalizer (,  who presented his organization’s activities to promote social equality.


In her compelling lecture, Adv. Dominitz spoke of international trends in the fight against human trafficking, the current situation and main challenges in Israel, and CIMI’s key role in the implementation of the bilateral agreements and the management of the Call Center.


Ori Shaham gave an inspiring account of his organization, which runs projects that combine team sport with educational activities throughout Israel, including programs to help asylum-seekers’ children. CIMI is a partner in the organization’s activities in Petah Tikva and Bnei Berak. The achievements of these young athletes speak for themselves.


At the end of the meeting, we raised a glass to drink le-chaim and pray for the return of the hostages.

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