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Assisted Voluntary Return & Reintegration

The "Voluntary Return and Reintegration of Vulnerable Immigrants" program, operated by CIMI in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is designed to support the process of reintegration of vulnerable immigrants who choose to return to their countries of origin. Eligible to participate in the program:

  • Families with children and single parents

  • Pregnant women

  • Immigrants with health problems

  • Human trafficking victims

  • Immigrants lacking documents (in certain cases)


As part of the program, the immigrants receive counseling before and after the return, as well as a grant intended to assist in the process of reintegration in their country of origin. The grant can be used for professional training and education, starting a business, medical care, purchasing basic products and more. The "Voluntary Return and Reintegration of Vulnerable Immigrants" program has been operating since 2011 and has helped over 500 vulnerable migrants return to 30 countries, including: Thailand, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Colombia. The plan does not include voluntary aid to the citizens of Sudan and Eritrea.

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Read more in the information leaflet


For more information please contact:

Phone: +972-3-6098440

Cell:    +972-54-2189117


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