Our Team

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Alon Akerman - Director of the Organization

Alon is a graduate of the MA Global Immigration and Policy Program from Tel Aviv University and holds a bachelor's degree in Government and Society from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College. Before becoming the CEO of CIMI he held a number of positions within the organization, including director of the program for asylum seekers, the director of the Call Center for Migrant Workers and the project for the placement of agricultural workers from Thailand (Thailand –Israel Cooperation, TIC)


Margarita Gorodnitsky - Senior Deputy Director and Director of Labor Migration

Margarita leads labor migration which aims  to promote and implement the bilateral agreements in agriculture, construction and careging. She oversees the implementation of assisting immigrants in the various stages of immigration, including recruitment procedures in countries of origin, arrival and stay in Israel, and for the duration of their employment.

In addition, she runs managerial training programs for various partners. Prior to joining CIMI, Margarita managed a project for at-risk immigrant youth, she served as an educator in various activities at the Jewish Agency and volunteered in a varied number of aid organizations . Margarita has a master's degree in non-profit management from the Hebrew University and a bachelor's degree in international relations, journalism and media.


Dr. Nelly Kfir - Deputy Executive Director of Research, Evaluation and Development

Nelly leads the organization activity of research, evaluation and development. CIMI's research aims to create a strong knowledge base of migration and migration policy, to share the growing body of knowledge to promote CIMI's causes, and to support and develop our various programs and activities. Nelly has a background in migrants' rights and civil society initiatives, with experience based on combining practice and research. She has a PhD from Tel Aviv University's Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Her dissertation was on labor migration from a comparative perspective on Israel and Singapore. Nelly's MSc is from the University of Amsterdam in Migration Studies. Her thesis was on children of migrant workers in Israel. She is also a certified graduate in monitoring and evaluation from the UN's International Labour Organization.

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Marina Zvulun - Director of Labor Migration Programs

Marina began her career at CIMI in 2014 as the coordinator of the project for the bilateral agreement between Israel and Thailand. In 2018, she was promoted to manage the international program "Voluntary Return and Reintegration for Vulnerable Immigrants" in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Today, Marina coordinates labor migration programs within the frame of bilateral agreements between Israel and the countries of Eastern Europe in the construction industry. Among some of her responsibilities, Marina oversees the stages of recruiting workers in the countries of origin, their arrival in Israel and orientation of the workers once in Israel.

Marina holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the Government University of St. Petersburg (Russia). Prior to joining CIMI, she worked in non-formal education with youth and immigrant families to Israel.

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Naama Hecht - Manager of the Call Center for Foreign Workers

Naama heads the Call Center for Foreign Workers who come to Israel under Bilateral Agreements. She oversees the operation of the Call Center including the referral of workers' complaints to the relevant authorities, and the coordination with government ministries in ensuring workers' complaints are addressed . In addition, she is involved in a variety of research projects aimed at protecting and promoting migrant workers' rights in Israel. Naama holds a master's degree in International Development Studies (Glocal Program) and a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Asian studies both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has research and practical background in issues relating to protecting and promoting the rights of underprivileged populations such as immigrants and children, and preventing human trafficking.

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Adi Markovitz-Ottervanger - Secretary of the Board of Directors and Volunteer Coordinator

Adi’s role within CIMI is to serve as a liaison with the chairmen, members of the board of directors, and members of the volunteer leadership. also In addition she coordinates with the professional groups  within CIMI and monitors decisions and outcomes.Adi organizes meetings for volunteer leadership and edits CIMI's newsletter.

Prior to joining CIMI, Adi worked in public relations and fundraising at  various organizations, including the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Music Center, the Jerusalem Foundation and the Israel Democracy Institute Adi has a master's degree in East Asian Studies (Chinese) and a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Alon Sitman - Director of Asylum Seekers

Alon’s  role is to initiate and implement  transverse plans for the welfare of asylum seekers. He also oversees the practice of human rights  at the individual level. In the various projects, he emphasizes the development of solutions in the fields of education at all age levels, sports as a tool for social integration, employment, and community empowerment. Prior to joining CIMI he worked for years in formal education with children of migrant workers and asylum seekers. Alon has a BA in African and Biology studies from Tel Aviv University and also graduated in Global Immigration and Policy


Hilla Gutrayman - Office Manager and Accounting

Hilla is responsible for the administration of CIMI , maintains its website and is responsible for the design and publication of CIMI's newsletter.

Hilla has been involved in the administration, marketing and management of Facebook sites in a number of organizations and is a photographer with a bachelor's degree in photography and digital media at Hadassah College.

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Maya Ben-Zaken - Coordinator of projects for asylum seekers in Eilat

Maya leads the many projects and partnerships in Eilat that aid the asylum seeker community. She is responsible for exercising rights, caring for the individual and the community. She develops solutions together with the authorities and other organizations.

Maya holds a bachelor's degree in social work, she specializes in holistic psychotherapy and has been involved in human resource management in the hotel industry for many years. In addition, she is experienced in rehabilitation and exercising rights for people with mental illness

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 Jill Oron - Coordinator of Children and Youths of Asylum Seekers in Eilat

Jill is responsible for children and youths of Asylum Seekers in Eilat. Her role includes liaison with schools, social services and other organizations.

Prior to joining CIMI, Jill was Program Coordinator for a therapeutic riding center serving over two hundred riders with special needs.

Jill’s background is in Play Therapy and Equine Assisted Education. She is also an English teacher and enjoys incorporating these skills into her work with the children in the center. 

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Denssa Fikeda - Thailand-Israel Project Coordinator

Denssa is the coordinator of the Thailand Israel Cooperation (TIC) project.The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries

Prior to joining CIMI, Denssa worked for four years in the public sector in a variety of roles with diverse populations. She has experience in public relations and holds an MA  in Cultural Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BA  in Political Science from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.

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Rima Safdi - Thailand-Israel Project Coordinator

Rima is the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project coordinator. The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries. Prior to joining CIMI, Rima worked as a producer of programs for the Arab sector at Tevel for nine years dealing with political processes in Israel and around the world; policies in various social and economic fields.

Rima has a B.A in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Open University, and Masters in Migration and Social Integration from Ruppin Academic Center.

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Neta Asbet - Coordinator of the Call Center for Foreign Workers

The assistance given to foreign workers is coordinated by Neta through the interpreters of CIMI's Call Center. Neta has extensive knowledge and experience in working with  foreign workers in Israel. This stems from her activities as an interpreter for Chinese workers within governmental organizations, the research she has conducted, and her work at the Atlas Shelter, a center for the treatment of victims of trafficking, slavery and forced labor.

Neta holds an MA in East Asian Studies and Human Services from Haifa University, and a BA in Asian Studies from Tel Hai College.


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Noa Hilman

Noa operates programs for Asylum Seekers in the center of Israel.Prior to joining CIMI, Noa worked in the formal and informal education systems, and established and coordinated Haifa's Asylum Seekers Assistance Project. Noa has degrees in Education and Judaism, and is currently writing an M.A thesis in Anthropology. 

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Emunah Spira - Information & Data Systems Coordinator

Emunah is a part of CIMI's research, evaluation and development team. Her responsibilities include coordinating CIMI's information and databases within and outside the organization, as well as mapping the needs for future development and research. 

Emunah has a background in qualitative and quantitative research in the field of social sciences, and professional experience as a spokeswoman, content writer, journalist, editor and digital platforms manager. She is pursuing a master's degree in the Global Migration and Policy Studies program at Tel Aviv University and holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University.