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Our Team

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Alon Akerman - CEO

Alon is a graduate of the MA Global Immigration and Policy Program from Tel Aviv University and holds a bachelor's degree in Government and Society from the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College. Before becoming the CEO of CIMI he held a number of positions within the organization, including director of the program for asylum seekers, the director of the Call Center for Migrant Workers and the project for the placement of agricultural workers from Thailand (Thailand –Israel Cooperation, TIC)


Margarita Gorodnitsky - Senior Deputy Director and Director of Labor Migration

Margarita leads labor migration which aims  to promote and implement the bilateral agreements in agriculture, construction and careging. She oversees the implementation of assisting immigrants in the various stages of immigration, including recruitment procedures in countries of origin, arrival and stay in Israel, and for the duration of their employment.

In addition, she runs managerial training programs for various partners. Prior to joining CIMI, Margarita managed a project for at-risk immigrant youth, she served as an educator in various activities at the Jewish Agency and volunteered in a varied number of aid organizations . Margarita has a master's degree in non-profit management from the Hebrew University and a bachelor's degree in international relations, journalism and media.

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Emunah Spira - Head of Research and Information

Emunah is responsible for research within the organization and collaborative research with the government, research institutes, and academia. The position includes managing ongoing applied research, which helps the departments to function in a knowledge-based manner and provide appropriate responses to needs in the field. She is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating activities, coordinating the handling of information and databases, and mapping the needs for future development and research. 

Emunah has a background in qualitative and quantitative research in the field of social sciences, and professional experience as a spokeswoman, content writer, journalist, editor and digital platforms manager. She is pursuing a master's degree in the Global Migration and Policy Studies program at Tel Aviv University and holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University.

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Alina Fooks - Director of Labor Migration Programs

Alina joined CIMI in September 2022 as the coordinator for the labor migration programs in Moldova and Uzbekistan in the framework of the bilateral agreements between Israel and the respective countries.

Her work includes overseeing implementation of the various stages of the process of bringing migrant workers to Israel, including recruitment and coordination with Israeli ministries and local organizations in the countries of origin. Before joining CIMI, Alina worked in journalism as a reporter and editor.

She has a master’s degree in the history of cinema from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography – the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography.

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Naama Hecht - Head of Development and IOs

Naama is responsible for the development of operations within CIMI, including the development of projects, initiatives, and collaborations in different areas relating to global migration. As part of her role, she oversees activities of knowledge expansion and the creation of partnerships with international organizations, and is also responsible for translating research into practice by forming knowledge-based models for joint implementation with the relevant Government ministries and international organizations. Naama holds a master's degree in International Development Studies (Glocal Program) and a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Asian studies both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has research and practical background in issues relating to protecting and promoting the rights of underprivileged populations such as immigrants and children, and preventing human trafficking.

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Adi Markovitz-Ottervanger - Secretary of the Board of Directors and Volunteer Coordinator

Adi’s role within CIMI is to serve as a liaison with the chairmen, members of the board of directors, and members of the volunteer leadership. also In addition she coordinates with the professional groups  within CIMI and monitors decisions and outcomes.Adi organizes meetings for volunteer leadership and edits CIMI's newsletter. Prior to joining CIMI, Adi worked in public relations and fundraising at  various organizations, including the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Mishkenot Sha'ananim Music Center, the Jerusalem Foundation and the Israel Democracy Institute Adi has a master's degree in East Asian Studies (Chinese) and a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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 Etti Golan - Coordinator of projects for asylum-seekers in Ashdod

Etti is responsible for activities for asylum seekers in Ashdod. This includes making services accessible for the community, connection to the local authorities, partnerships with other organizations, and educational and welfare projects. Etti has extensive experience working with disadvantaged populations – from 2001 to 2017, she was the head of the Gamla project (scholastic assistance to various sectors of Israeli society) in Ashdod. In that capacity, she recruited and managed volunteer retirees, who tutored children from disadvantaged populations in the core subjects, and organized enrichment lectures for the volunteers. 


Hilla Gutrayman - Office Manager and Accounting

Hilla is responsible for the administration of CIMI maintains its website and is responsible for the design and publication of CIMI's newsletter. Hilla has been involved in the administration, marketing and management of Facebook sites in a number of organizations and is a photographer with a bachelor's degree in photography and digital media at Hadassah College.

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Roni Shrim - Coordinator of projects for asylum seekers in Eilat

Roni coordinates projects for children and teenagers of asylum seekers in Eilat. The focus of the activity is the CIMI After School Club which provides a social and educational setting for children in the afternoons. As part of the club's activities, Roni is responsible for the education center, which aims to reduce the educational and developmental gaps among the asylum seeker children. Roni is also working to expand partnerships with other organizations in the field of education, liaison with schools, new initiatives and projects and recruitment of volunteers

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Rima Safdi - Thailand-Israel Project Coordinator

Rima is the Thailand-Israel Cooperation (TIC) project coordinator. The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries. Prior to joining CIMI, Rima worked as a producer of programs for the Arab sector at Tevel for nine years dealing with political processes in Israel and around the world; policies in various social and economic fields. Rima has a B.A in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Open University, and Masters in Migration and Social Integration from Ruppin Academic Center.

נטע אסבט.jpg

Neta Asbet - Manager of the Call Center for Foreign Workers

Neta heads the Call Center for Foreign Workers who come to Israel under Bilateral Agreements. She oversees the operation of the Call Center including the referral of workers' complaints to the relevant authorities, and the coordination with government ministries in ensuring workers' complaints are addressed . In addition, she is involved in a variety of research projects aimed at protecting and promoting migrant workers' rights in Israel.. Neta has extensive knowledge and experience in working with  foreign workers in Israel. This stems from her activities as an interpreter for Chinese workers within governmental organizations, the research she has conducted, and her work at the Atlas Shelter, a center for the treatment of victims of trafficking, slavery and forced labor. Neta holds an MA in East Asian Studies and Human Services from Haifa University, and a BA in Asian Studies from Tel Hai College.



Anat Carmi - Coordinator of Labor Migration

Anat joined CIMI in Jan. 2021 as a field coordinator for an emergency project assisting the population of asylum seekers during the Covid-19 period. Today Anat coordinates labor migration programs under bilateral agreements between Israel and East Asian countries, the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, in various industries such as home care, auxiliary workers, and hotel workers. After arriving in Israel, she accompanies the workers and instructs and guides them during the introductory period in Israel through orientation programs and ongoing guidance during the acclimatization stages. In cooperation with various parties, her work includes implementing bilateral agreements and assisting in the different stages of immigration, including recruitment procedures in the countries of origin. Anat has MPH in emergency and disaster management and a B.A. in philosophy and African Studies, both from Tel Aviv University.

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Elisheva Mahari - Coordinator of Projects for the Community of Asylum Seekers in Eilat

Elisheva coordinates CIMI’s many partnerships and projects in Eilat in the framework of assistance provided to the community of asylum seekers. Her areas of responsibility include the take-up of rights, the care of individuals and the community as a whole, the development of services together with CIMI’s partners, and coordination with the authorities and other organizations. She is studying for a bachelor’s degree in management at the Open University. Before joining CIMI, Elisheva worked for ten years at Clalit Health Services (HMO). She has experience in running projects and in streamlining and planning work processes and implementing them in the field. 

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Denssa Fikeda - Thailand-Israel Project Coordinator

Denssa is the coordinator of the Thailand Israel Cooperation (TIC) project.The project facilitates bi-lateral agreements between the countries Prior to joining CIMI, Denssa worked for four years in the public sector in a variety of roles with diverse populations. She has experience in public relations and holds an MA  in Cultural Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a BA  in Political Science from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.

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Anastasia coordinates CIMI's Call Centre that works to assist migrant workers in Israel who come under the Bilateral Agreements. Anastasia started in the organization as an interpreter of the Russian language which gave her a good opportunity to gain deep knowledge in the world of foreign workers in Israel. Anastasia holds a BA degree in International Relations and an MA degree in Migration Studies from Tel Aviv University, did several internships in the field and worked at the Shelter "Maagan" - a centre for the treatment of victims of human trafficking. In addition, Anastasia assists to the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services through the agreement with CIMI in international cases that require her help.

Anastasia Grinayt - Call-Center Coordinator

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Reut Gilad - Coordinator of Projects for Asylum Seekers in Petah Tikva

Reut is responsible for activities for asylum seekers in Petah Tikva. This includes coordinating work with the community, volunteers, the local authority, and other partners. Most of the work in Petah Tikva includes helping members of the community to exercise their rights, making services accessible to them, and building a comprehensive support program for members of the community and their children. Reut is a graduate of the international MA in migration studies and policy program at Tel Aviv University (TAU). She holds a bachelor's degree in the history of art and East Asia from TAU. 

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