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Seminars & Conferences

CIMI’s webinar: COVID-19: Immediate and Long-Term Effects on International Migration

In June 2020 CIMI held a webinar with government officials from the Immigration Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with academic experts, on the immediate and long term effects of COVID-19 on international migration- guest speakers were: CIMI’s Chairman of the Board and Founder, Prof. Howard Duncan Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University, Executive Head of the Metropolis Secretariat in Ottawa, Canada, and Mr. Michael Newson, Senior Labour Mobility & Human Development Specialist, Regional Office in Vienna, International Organization for Migration (IOM)


A roundtable: the impact of Israel's bilateral labor agreements

Upon the release of the new bi-annual report on the effectiveness of the bilateral agreements, CIMI held a roundtable in collaboration with the Immigration and Population Authority on the "Recruitment of foreign workers through bilateral labor agreements: lessons learned". The study was conducted by Prof. Nonna Kushnirovich and Prof. Rebeca Raijman, and it also analyses aggregated findings since 2011, with comparative data on the situation of migrants before the agreements. Click here for the English version. For pictures from the event:

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