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Over 3,500 construction workers have arrived in Israel through the bilateral agreements

During the months of April and May, more than 3,500 workers from India, Sri Lanka and Moldova arrived in Israel through the bilateral agreements under the auspices of PIBA with CIMI’s assistance, in order to strengthen the workforce in the construction industry. CIMI coordinates the regulated recruitment process in the countries of origin, greets the workers with an orientation package for a smooth arrival in Israel, provides ongoing information through apps, and runs the Call Center, which responds to the workers’ inquiries and complaints.

The Indian travel warning has recently been lifted and more than 2,000 construction workers have arrived from that country alone. The first round of recruitments within the framework of a new agreement with Sri Lanka has also been successful. The first group of workers was due to arrive in Israel in the early hours of April 14. Unfortunately, that was the very night that Israel was attacked by Iranian drones and missiles. Despite the attack – which closed down Israeli airspace for several hours – against all odds, the flight landed safely in Israel, thanks to CIMI’s active cooperation with all the agencies involved – PIBA, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Israel Builders Association. Construction workers have continued to arrive since then, having been through a regulated process of recruitment with no illegal handling fees.

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