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Call Center for Migrant Workers

As part of the Bilateral Agreements  administering the entrance of migrant workers to Israel, in July 2012 CIMI established the Call Center for Foreign Workers that provides support for workers in their language. This Call Centerd assists labor migrants in agriculture, construction, and the caregiving sectors. There are  translators in 10 different languages: Thai, Chinese, Russian,  Ukrainian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Nepali, English, Sinhala and Tagalog.


Today, the Call Center provides support to all workers who come to Israel under the Bilateral Agreements, over 45,000 since the launching of the agreements, and  handles over 3,500 inquiries a year. The Call Center offers workers various contact channels, and receives inquiries via phone or online forms. In addition, the Call Center initiates contact with workers in the purpose of providing essential information, conducting surveys and ensuring their rights are upheld.  

Inquiries received by the Call Center are referred to the Immigration and Population Authority, which in turn refers them to the relevant departments in different government ministries, depending on the nature of the inquiry or complaint. All inquiries are then fed into a computerized system which enables effective routing to the parties involved in looking into complaints, and also allows for   systematic collection and analysis of the data.

CIMI, in collaboration with the Immigration and Population Authority, publishes an annual report which summarizes and analizes all the data from the inquiries and raises key issues in the employment of labor migrants in Israel.

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