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About CIMI

The Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI) is an independent, registered and non-profit organization founded by JDC-Israel in 1998. Our purpose is to assist in the development of the field of migration in Israel. We strive to apply international standards in addressing a wide range of areas of migration relevant to the Israeli state and society. CIMI is engaged in the development of systemic and individual responses while protecting the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers and maintaining international obligations. We work through complying with humanitarian principles, making knowledge and data based activities and creating partnerships with governmental, non-governmental and international organizations.


CIMI develops and operates projects dealing with various areas of migration, including: preventing human trafficking, combating modern slavery, implementing and developing bilateral agreements dealing with labor migration to Israel, cooperation with local authorities, assisting asylum seekers, developing Diaspora relations from various countries and assisting voluntarily returning immigrants. At the same time, CIMI works to increase awareness of immigrant rights in Israel through the dissemination of information and professional training.


In 2011, CIMI was awarded the President's Award for its activities in preventing human trafficking. CIMI is located in Jerusalem and operates branches in Tel Aviv and at Ben-Gurion Airport, as well as activities and services for exercising rights in Bnei-Brak, Petah Tikva and Eilat. 

Some Facts

Established: 1998

Legal Status: Israeli NGO/Amutah

Founded by: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) in Israel

Founding Chairman: Arnon Mantver

Chairman: Arnon Ikan

Vice Chairman: Danny Pins

The Vision

CIMI works to assist Israeli society and the government in dealing with changing migration patterns. CIMI's projects promote the fight against modern slavery, prevent human trafficking and provide protection to vulnerable populations of immigrants and asylum seekers. CIMI works to promote tolerance, transparency and fairness in various areas of immigration, in accordance with the international obligations of the State of Israel.

CIMI strives to promote efficient and practical activities. We believe in developing knowledge-based projects that provide responses, tailored to emerging needs, while creating local and international partnerships.

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