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Visit to Sri Lanka by a delegation from CIMI and the Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA)

In mid-February an Israeli delegation of representatives from PIBA – Ms. Shirly Raisin Sasson and Ms. Mary Amsheli-Zindani – and CIMI – Mr. Yaakov Kabilou and Ms. Margarita Gorodnitsky – visited Sri Lanka. The visit was in regard to the implementation of the bilateral agreement for the recruitment and transport of domestic care workers from Sri Lanka to Israel. The delegation, which received a courteous and warm welcome, succeeded in achieving its goals – monitoring the implementation of the agreement and improving work procedures. During the visit, working meetings were held with senior officials and the team implementing the agreement at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE); the Sri Lankan Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment and members of his staff; the visa agency; one of the hospitals where the training course is given to care workers; the Safe Foundation organization, which is responsible for conducting filmed interviews in the recruitment process; and a delegation from the International Organization for Migration in Colombo.

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