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Migration around the World – Foreign Workers in Qatar UN International Migrants Day, December 18, 20

The FIFA World Cup, which opened in Qatar on November 20, 2022, has produced waves – and not only as far as the games themselves are concerned. From the moment that it was announced more than a decade ago that Qatar would host the World Cup, there have been endless reports of the inhumane treatment of migrant workers. It is estimated that some 6,500 foreign workers, most of them from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and the Philippines, have died in the course of their work. The Qataris have been harshly criticized for the work conditions, extortionate and illegal recruitment fees, appalling living conditions, non-payment of salaries, and confiscation of passports by employers. Despite the Qatari government’s assurances of reform, international organizations argue that nothing has changed and are continuing to protest the blatant violation of human rights.


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