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Closing down the national distribution fund for asylum seekers during the COVID pandemic

After over a year at the helm of the national distribution fund set upat the initiative of JDC-Israel, government ministries, and philanthropic organizations to provide assistance to asylum seekers during the COVID pandemic, we have reached the closing stages of the project. The financial assistance was distributed according to set criteria and provided breathing space for singles, families and one-parent families during the difficult times when they had to cope with the lack of employment and the pandemic.

CIMI coordinated the entire operation, which included managing the computer system and charging and distributing the digital food cards. The fund provided financial assistance of around NIS 30 million to asylum seekers from Haifa to Eilat. Through the project, we were able to carry out substantial work, get to really know the community throughout the country, and establish relationships with the local authorities and gave us an advantage thanks to the data we collected and analyzed.

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